From wicking away sweat to ensuring your clothes are comfy, there are many options out there for you to choose from.


To prevent bed bug infestations, be careful when choosing a reputable laundromat or furniture store. Look for stores that have a strict policy against bed bugs.



Bedbugs have a tendency to live in hiding places and are nocturnal. You should also be careful not to touch your luggage. You can use latex gloves to protect your hands from the bugs.



You should also check for cracks in your walls or other openings in your home. The bed bugs can crawl into your room through these spaces and spread to other rooms. They can also move from floor to ceiling.



If you are unable to find a store that has a policy, ask about it. In addition, ask about the company's approach to removing a bed bug infestation. If you can't avoid these areas, you can seal the cracks.


Before you begin cleaning, make sure that you follow all instructions on the product packaging. You should also be aware of the hottest wash and drying temperatures. You should also pre-sort your clothes before washing. You should also wrap all of your clothing in plastic to keep them from being dislodged. After you have inspected all of your belongings, you can begin treating the infestation. You can use sprays or chemicals to kill the bugs. You should use a specialized bag to carry infested items. Bed bugs are not only uncomfortable to deal with, but they can affect your health and emotional well-being. They can cause skin inflammation and itching.

Big-Name Brands

In addition to the big-name brands, Amazon, Nordstrom, Macy's, and Target have all added size-inclusive brands to their inventory. Aerie, an innerwear brand owned by American Eagle Outfitters, surpassed $1 billion in revenues in the most recent quarter.

Still Work

This brand doesn't have a separate "plus-size" section, but offers non-traditional sizes.

There’s still work to be done. Many companies make assumptions about the shopping habits of plus-size consumers based on their previous shopping behavior. And there are costs involved in modifying clothing features. Technology is helping to mitigate some of these costs. But the industry is still working toward a more inclusive model. 


In addition to the new inclusive lines, brands are creating new ways to ensure inclusion in the retail process. ThirdLove is one such company.  


A new generation of designers and marketers are looking to cater to different body shapes. While the luxury sector isn’t quite ready to break from size elitism, brands are creating marketing strategies to appeal to the plus-size segment.


Some of these efforts have included Amy Schumer’s new women’s rtw line, Le Cloud, with Leesa Evans.